Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Organic Produce Update!

Here is an updated list of some of the items we currently have in stock for your online ordering needs.

All prices and availability are subject to change but we wanted to offer this option to our valued customers once again.

 *JANUARY 27th*


Great selection of organic winter squash along with various sized organic onions!

Assorted Sweet Peppers $6.99lb

Organic Kent Mangos $1.99ea


Red Cara Cara Oranges ($2.99lb)MANAGER PICK!

Murcott Mandarins* ($2.99lb)

(*slightly blemished with green but sweet and delicious)

Desert Ruby Grapefruit ($1.99ea)

Kent Mangos ($1.99ea)

Avocados ($1.99ea)

Lemons (.99ea)

Blackberries 6z ($3.99ea)

Blueberries 6z ($3.99ea)

Strawberries 1lb ($6.99ea)

Red D'Anjou Pears ($2.99lb)


Honeycrisps ($2.99lb)

Jazz Apples ($2.99lb)

 Black Arkansas ($2.99lb)

(FYI: Bananas are OUT OF STOCK till Thursday AM)


Olivia Organic Spring Mix 5z ($3.99ea)

Olivias Organic Spinach 5z ($3.99ea)

Olivias Organic Sweet Baby Lettuce 5z ($3.99)

Olivias Garden Bibb Lettuce ($2.99ea)

Cilantro ($2.99ea)

Curly Parsley ($2.99ea)

Green Curly Kale ($3.49bunch)

Lacinato Kale ($3.49bunch)LIMITED

Broccoli Crowns ($3.99lb)

Green Cabbage ($4-7ea)

Celery ($3.99ea)

Red, Yellow & Orange Peppers ($6.99lb)

Crimini Mushrooms ($5.99lb)

Shiitake Mushrooms ($12.99lb)LIMITED

Black Nero Radish LOCAL ($3-5 bag)LIMITED

Watermelon Radish LOCAL ($2.99lb)

Purple Top Turnips LOCAL ($2.99lb)

Rutabaga LOCAL ($2.99lb)
Red Beets LOCAL ($2.99lb)

Shallots LOCAL ($6.99lb)

Medium Yellow Onions ($1.99lb)
(3# Bags for $4.99)

Jumbo Red Onions ($1.99lb)

Carrots LOCAL ($4-6 bag)

Yukon Golds Potatoes PEI ($2.49lb)

Red Potatoes PEI ($2.49lb)

Baby Potatoes 1.5lb Bags ($4.99ea)

Pea Shoots LOCAL ($3.99ea)

Ginger ($8.99lb)

Garlic ($10.99lb)

Beefsteak Tomatoes($4.99lb)

Cherry Tomatoes PINTS ($3.99ea)

WINTER SQUASH (all varieties $2.49lb)
Butternut Squash LOCAL
Acorn Squash

LOCAL: Usually means its from Maine but sometimes VT or MA too.
PEI: Prince Edward Island, Canada

And for some more sights from our produce department this week...

All Organic Apples on Sale! $2.99lb
 Jazz, Black Arkansas, Honeycrisps and more.
Can't decide... just ask us to mix and match!

Organic Citrus Season is in full swing!
Lemons, Red Cara Caras, Mandarins,Clementines 

Organic Red Cara Cara Oranges $2.99lb
(aprox 2 to a pound)

Organic Ginger SALE $8.99lb

Organic Broccoli Crowns $3.99lb

Olivias Garden Bibb Lettuce $2.99ea

Organic Yukon Gold Potatoes from PEI $2.49lb

 Organic Green Cabbage from Houlton Farms MA

Organic Garlic $10.99lb

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Store Update and a Blog ReLaunch!

As we begin our 28th year of business in Scarborough. We are humbled and grateful to the Scarborough and greater Portland community for your trust over all these years.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have remained vigilant in our efforts to maintain a safe and comfortable shopping experience with the many CDC restrictions and limitations. We are working to improve our curbside and delivery services to provide more opportunity for convenient and contact free shopping.

With the help of PPP loans, 30,000 loyal customers and a fantastic staff, we have adjusted to the continuously changing circumstances of operating an essential business during the pandemic. To those ends, in order for us to remain fiscally viable and continue to best serve the community, we will be consolidating our business into one location in Scarborough. We will be hibernating our store on India Street for the winter. Our last day of operations at that location will be Wednesday, November 25, 2020.

Thank you to everyone in the India St and Munjoy Hill neighborhoods for all your support. We will continue to service the neighborhood, Casco Bay Lines and the Portland peninsula through curbside and delivery services from our Scarborough store.

Our entire Portland crew will be joining our Scarborough store staff. We have expanded our hours and our deli will be reopening to serve hot soups and coffee again. We are looking forward to new changes and a lot of new talent joining our Scarborough store.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Store Update!



The following protocols are in place as per Maine CDC Guidelines for Essential Businesses:

  • All customers must wear a face mask.
  • Maintain social distancing of 6 feet between customers and staff both inside the store and outside while waiting to enter.
  • Please be aware that others are waiting to enter as you shop in the store.

Our Deli foods are only available from our grab-n-go.

Curbside Service is still available Monday – Saturday.


  1. For us to be able to continue this service, due to increasing demand and associated costs of operation, there will be a $5 per order surcharge to help us offset the costs of the service.
  2. Orders will need up to 24 Hours to process from order to pick-up.
  3. Before placing your order, visit us on FaceBook, our website or Loisnatural.blogspot for all our current fresh produce, meats, deli and bakery offerings for the week. Everything in the store is available for preorder while in stock. Please include your first and last name and your phone number with your email.
    Scarborough: scarboroughorders@loisnatural.com | Portland: portlandorders@loisnatural.com
  4. We regret that we cannot make any changes to your order once it has been processed. We will be happy to start a new order for the next pick-up.
  5. Please let us know if you are ok with substitutions if we are out of stock on your choices. Due to volume of calls, your order taker cannot verify at time of taking your order whether any item chosen is in stock or not. Please remember, we cannot accept Returns. If you are not ok with substitutions let us know at time of order confirmation.
  6. If we are out of stock for any of your selections, it will be noted with your Pick-Up. We apologize, but there are still some disruptions in our supply chains and high demand for certain items.
  7. Please call the store number when you arrive for pick-up at your scheduled time.
    Scarborough: 885-0602 | Portland: 210-6500
  8. We regret that we cannot accept returns through the curbside service.
  9. Seniors, please only use your 10% Senior Discount with one order per week – You can choose which day is best for you.

If you would like to include a gratuity for our staff or a donation to the Locker Project, with whom we are currently working, please indicate the amount in your email. It will be verified by your order taker and added to your bill. And greatly appreciated.